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Tips for girls with short hair


short hair

If I had a cute little face with fine features and big eyes, I would totally cut my hair off. I haven’t had really short hair since I was in about sixth grade. I have terrible memories of my Spanish teacher calling me a chico instead of a chica and I still haven’t recovered.

I’ve got some tips for those of you who are bold and daring and who will or have gone short. Keep reading…

“Just because most of us are not ideal does not mean you cannot go short,” says celebrity hairstylist Louis Angelo of Garren New York Salon. shorthair

  “Look in the mirror and focus on your best feature. If it’s your eyes, short, cropped hair with a slight fringe grazing your eyebrows focuses attention on your eyes.  Do you have nice cheekbones? Short hair swept up and away from your face is your go-to look. To show-case your lips, consider a Chanel-inspired, ‘20s flapper bob a la “The Great Gatsby.” The bottom line of the bob draws attention to your lips, whereas a chin-length bob defines the chin.” 

“You can always go to a men’s barber shop where you will most likely emerge with a masculine crop top, more severe and hard-lined. If you want to be modern, with an edge but with a more feminine allure, visit a salon where the stylist can incorporate feminine touches without giving up the strength of the final look. Soft fringe, a wispy tapered neckline or small feathered-off bits around the ears and nape allow you versatility in styling, the options to go hard or soft, masculine or feminine, geometric or smooth—you decide!” 

 “Cutting hair short is already a dramatic move, but to rev up the drama, consider enriching the color for even more of a statement. If you are blonde, go platinum. If you’re a redhead, try cinnamon-ginger. Brunette? Think dark cappuccino. And if you have black hair, make it raven-midnight-ebony. Just as I collaborate with Christopher John, Garren New York Salon Color Director, it’s best for your hairstylist and colorist to work together with you in making this decision” 

“Whether or not you opt for a change of color, the right styling products are key to keeping a short cut looking fabulous. For looks that are more controlled and contained, I recommend, René Furterer STYLING WAX to add definition and a touch of glossy shine. A dab of René Furterer MODELING PASTE is perfect when you need a little fullness and structure for your cut with more staying power—push it up and it stays up. Think Charlize Theron.”

  “A flapper bob like Carey Mulligan’s should be tight and small, like a little cap that fits close to the head. I recommend spraying damp hair with René Furterer FIORAVANTI shine enhancing detangling spray before your blowout to help keep hair smooth and modern.  

  “For the punk rock vibe of Anne Hathaway’s sculpted, lifted look, try working in a dab of René Furterer VEGETAL SCULPTING GEL before blow-drying. I find that the trick with all styling products for short hair is to work in a little at a time—you can always add more if needed.”

“Last, book regular trims with your hairstylist. Even when you decide to grow out your short crop, a trim and reshaping every three to four weeks will keep your look on trend.”

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