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Perfect brows can be yours with the Tweezerman Studio Collection


by Samara DiGiovanna

Finding the perfect pair of tweezers is much like finding the perfect hair stylist. Once you find “the one” that works for you, you rarely stray from that specific one. I have finally found my holy grail of tweezers, the Mini Slant Tweezers by Tweezerman. Very precise, without being sharp, I am able to tweeze my brows to perfection each time.

Also from Tweezerman, are the compact and stylish Unbreakable Mirrors– perfect to throw in your makeup bag or purse, they come in trendy chevron prints in either pink or blue. Great for makeup touch ups through out the day – or to use while you tweeze your brows!
These items can be purchased exclusively at Sephora.
Happy tweezing!

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