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Josie Maran on QVC today with her Self Tanning Body Wash


Are you familiar with Josie Maran? She’s a model, a mother, and the face and name behind the brand of the argan oil products, Josie Maran (more about her products in an upcoming post). Her products are natural, infused with nutrient rich argan oil and today on QVC, you can buy her Argan Self Tanning Body Wash. Sounds interesting, right?

Here’s the 411 and let me say I am completely intrigued with the idea of a self tanning body wash:

What is it: A two-in-one body wash and self-tanner that gives you a gradual, natural-looking, long-lasting tan. Infused with aloe vera, pure argan oil, and DHA, this tanning time-saver delivers a uniform tan that builds and improves skin hydration with each application. The included applicator ensures even distribution while the extra long wooden handle helps you cover even the most hard-to-reach spots.

Who is it for: Ideal for those looking to get a subtle, natural-looking tan.

Why is it different: Josie’s Argan Glow Self-Tanning Body Wash contains DHA for an even, healthy-looking tan with no development time or unpleasant odor.

Once I began reading about the product, my interest was definitely piqued. I have yet to try a self tanner that you can use it the shower! Check it out here!  

And now I am off to shop on QVC.



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