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Have you tried Avocado Oil for beauty?

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You might know that Avocado is very good for you to eat -the healthy fat is what your body needs- but did you know about Avocado Oil? This multi-use product is one to have in your natural beauty arsenal. I just learned about it and want to pass this along to you!

Avocado Oil is packed full with vitamins, like A, B12, D, E (avocados have a high vitamin E content!)

You can use it for your face, its especially good for around the eyes.

It softens skin, makes your face feel like a babys! Somehow it increases collagen production. Good for wrinkles!

Avocado Oil is good for age spots and discoloration thanks to sterolins ( a kind of plant fat- look here for more info)

This oil is  excellent for soothing and aiding sun burned skin.

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss

It relieves dry and cracked skin, it has the ability to retain water.

Apply to cuticles and watch them soften up.

Good for acne prone skin.

Helps heal scarring.

Apply to hair for dryness and frizz.

Use in your bath as a bath oil.

After a shower while skin is damp to really moisturize skin.

 Also try Jojoba Oil which is great for hair. And Coconut Oil which is great for everything!

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