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Gorgeous from the inside out: Beauty Nectar by Ashieda


I love a beverage that will provide nutrients and result in great looking, youthful skin which is why I juice almost every day (for more on my juicing recipes and health related topics, go here) and recently I tried this delicious Beauty Nectar by Ashieda. This little bottle will: INCREASE Collagen Production * REDUCE Wrinkles and Fine Lines * IMPROVE Overall Skin Tone * GIVE YOU Glowing, Younger-Looking Skin

“Drinking one 2-oz bottle daily gives you the pure hydrolyzed collagen protein to give your skin back the strength and elasticity of youth in one convenient pre-measured bottle.”


 I’ve been drinking this every day around lunch time and my skin does look really good, smooth and clear. I feel that drinking it daily, long term, would probably give you amazing visible improvements! And it couldn’t be easier, open it and drink it up!

From Ashieda, I also received a Natural Facial Mask. This product  is like giving yourself a professional facial at home. This mask hydrates, moisturizes, infuses skin with nutrients and brightens skin. You do need to set aside a reasonable amount of time to allow the mask to work so I’d advise you to apply it when you can sit for about an hour and let it work.


I had heard a lot recently in my organic, green beauty search about using a natural  Konjac Sponge to clean skin so I was super excited to receive one to try. Its a small round sponge that expands in water and helps cleanse the skin, eliminates blackheads, dirt, oil, renews skin and balances the ph of skin. I love using this, its non abrasive and helps give skin a natural radiance.

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