Getting started with Yoga



I love doing yoga for so many reasons and I’ve written about them before. But here are a few- I find it incredibly soothing to bend and stretch and breathe and try to calm my mind. Yoga helps build muscle, keeps the spine limber and leaves your whole body in a relaxed state. If you do power yoga, you can build muscle and burn calories too.

Some people think yoga is all about doing weird bending, chanting and crazy movements which can be true but basic movements are within a normal person’s capabilities and  anyone, of any age can do it. There are always modifications to make and when you need a break you can simply take one! I do!


I find a lot of valuable yoga workouts on You Tube. I have several subscriptions to various channels and depending on how I feel, I look for “hip opener” or “back pain” etc. Because I am not a beginner, I like yoga poses that will challenge me so I’ve been seeking intermediate but sometimes I want something simple to just stretch out my achy muscles.

This is a wonderful forty five minute stretch that you can do sitting on your yoga mat. I have bad lower  back pain that comes and goes and this sequence was one that helped a lot. And you dont even have to stand up once!

Above I have posted two  beginner workouts. I suggest taking it very slow if you are new to yoga. Get used to the pace, the breathing. Don’t push yourself. If you head over to YouTube, type in “gentle yoga” or “Beginniner yoga.”

Yoga Journal has tons of information and poses that range from beginner to expert.

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