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Dry, damaged hair? Try Agadir Argan Oil Hair Products


by Samara DiGiovanna

I won’t lie- I’m always a little hesitant to put anything with the words “oil” in my hair, as my hair is very thin and over processed. I’m afraid it will look greasy and in the need of a good washing. That is NOT the case with these hair care products. Just after one use, my hair is in much better condition and not “oily” at all.

The Agadir Argan Oil hair care line nourishes hair with organic argan oil, one of the rarest oils in the world and a little goes a long way. The shampoo and conditioner, which are sulfate free- leave my hair not only smooth and frizz free but leaves my hair smelling so amazing all day long. The Argan Oil Hair Treatment works miracles in my hair. Only using a tiny drop, I massage the oil all over the ends of my (bleached) hair.. I put it up into a bun and leave it for an hour or so and when I let down my hair, it’s smooth, shiny and way healthier than before! Also, check out the Agadir Argan Oil Hair Shield 450 Plus Spray Treatment which protects dry damaged hair from heat styling!

This line of hair care is for all types of hair and works wonders in color treated and/or damaged hair!  You can find out more by going here.

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