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Dark spots and hyperpigmentation? Erase it with PCA Skin Pigment Bar


It wasn’t until a few years ago when dark spots began to show up on my face. It really bothers me and its all I can see when I look in the mirror. Thanks to hormones, a lack of sunscreen, aging skin, side effects from medication and a few other reasons, these unsightly spots popped out in my mid-thirties!

There are some treatments available including photofacials (treatment that  involves intense light), chemical peels, laser peels, and topical products like creams that you can apply to lighten spots.

This product from PCA Skincare is different than anything I have every seen or experienced. Although its called a bar, it comes in a tub and it is solid. You wet the sponge that comes with the product, work up a lather, apply to your face or where you have hyperpigmentation, then let it sit for two minutes. Wash it off and you’re done. It takes more than one application to lighten skin so don’t expect miracles in one day.

With consistent use, you should see a difference in the skin. I cannot wait to see my spots lightened up! What I like about this product is that there is nothing dangerous in the ingredients and its very easy to work into your skincare routine.

Check out the PCA Skin Pigment Bar by clicking here. One other product I want to recommend is this Purifying Mask which I just LOVED until it ran out. It left my skin clean, soft and glowing! Find everything you need at the PCA Skincare site here.

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