Comparison Is The Thief of Joy and how I’m letting go


I feel like the last few years have been a tremendous learning experience for me in many areas. One that I want to share with you is my terrible habit of comparing myself to others. I mean, of course I wish I looked like Angelina Jolie and had millions of dollars but what I’m talking about it is on a different level.

I’ve been blogging for a long time. I started out blogging about celebrity gossip and my site was seeing thousands upon thousands of hits every day. Advertisers were plentiful, money was coming in. But I felt bad about putting negativity into the world so I started doing book reviews which was a lot  more positive but way less lucrative. From there I started Hello Dollface.  I wanted to write about glamour and beauty. I loved doing the beauty reviews and writing about products. I enjoyed testing and reviewing beauty products and dedicated myself to writing every single day.

I watched as other  bloggers  were invited on all expense paid trips to Europe, Oscar parties, glamorous events, sponsored posts by huge companies, weekend trips to fancy spas and more. I quietly grew more and more jealous. I got down on myself for not having a bigger audience, I wondered what I was doing wrong. I obsessively read other beauty blogs and saw what these girls were doing and I compared my lack of fancy trips and cases of wine and other random gifts the other bloggers received. I was like a toddler stomping my foot, WHY NOT ME TOO?

I saw the quote above and it totally hit home, it made perfect sense. When you compare yourself to others you will always fall short unless you are comparing yourself to someone who has less, and we never do that do we?

I’m not whisked away to Paris or Italy or New York City or spas for  blogger trips. And that needs to be okay. We are all on our own path, our own journey. What  someone else does is not necessarily what’s going to be good for everyone else. Maybe I needed to refocus my goals a bit. Change my attitude. Be happy for others who experience amazing opportunities.  Then let it go.

Keeping the quote in mind has been a big help. I’ve been able to shrug it off when I hear about beauty bloggers  going here and there and doing fabulous thing. While I’m going about my business, the wheels are in motion for good things happening down the road. 

We  have to have faith in the perfect plans of the universe and not compare our path that of others.

I have a focus and it doesn’t involve being jealous of other people- not anymore. Its a really hard lesson, a difficult gear to switch but once you do, its very freeing. Stop comparing yourself to others and live your own life, happily. And with gratitude.


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  1. Hi just found your blog and love it. Have to agree with this. Having the green eyed monster about people doing well is hard to avoid but we must. Its childish and life is full of ups and downs. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and be happy in the moment.

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