I could so relate to this book, It’s Your Fault: My Journey through Back Pain, a Teenager and Self-Discovery by Wendy Coblentz. Having both a teenager and chronic back pain that is currently sending a numbing and shooting pain down my arm, I quickly read this book hoping for some kind of clarity. But enough about me!

Wendy suffered from such terrible backpain even at the most inconvenient times, she’d have to lay on the floor. She suffered every day and in search of a cure for her debilitating back pain, she went to every doctor imaginable. Wendy tried physical therapy,  body work, and other alternative therapies to no avail. While she lived in pain, her teenage son was up to some troublesome shenanigans which probably added to Wendy’s agony.

This book was a page turner, I wanted to know what happened to Wendy and how she finally got some relief!  Its funny and well written and I think I read the whole book in two days. If you have chronic pain, a teenager, like to laugh, or are interested in a good book, then It’s Your Fault is the perfect read!