cindyreads: Beth Hoffman’s new novel, Looking for Me


You might have read Beth Hoffman’s novel, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt and if you didn’t, you should. It was a fantastic novel, one that I didn’t want to see end. When I received a copy of her newest book, Looking For Me, I couldn’t wait to dig in! I didn’t have a lot of free time last week but every spare moment was spent with this book in my hands. I loved it. Beth is the kind of author who writes a book then you can’t wait for her to write more and more.

Teddi Overman is a single  woman who runs a neat little antique store in Charleston, South Carolina. She spends her time refurbishing old furniture, finding beauty in what others have cast off. Although she is surrounded by friends, she can’t let go of what happened years ago.

She’s haunted by her younger brother’s strange disappearance and can’t stop wondering what happened to him. While her mother has accepted he might be dead, Teddi refuses to believe it. He was always drawn to nature, to the mountains and animals and almost other worldly in how he related to them.

When Teddi starts receiving signs that Josh might still be alive, she heads home to Kentucky. Through a series of unexpected events including a death, an inheritence, and love, Teddi finally gains acceptence.

This is a book packed full of quirky characters, mystery and charm. I loved every word and I know you will too. Check out Beth Hoffman’s website here.

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