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I guess the days of having big hair and wearing a lot of makeup are over. I’m focused now on having really clear, pretty skin and healthy hair, which led me to seeking out natural beauty products to improve and enhance what I already have instead of covering it up. I guess the look I’m going for is kind of bohemian and nature- flowing locks, rosy cheeks and since I have penchant for peasant tops, I embrace the whole hippie vibe!

I have found incredible results with Annmarie Gianni skincare which works to improve the condition of your skin.

I received two samples of RMS Beauty, the LipShine and the RMS Beauty Oil. The LipShine contains natural Moringa Oil which contains nutrients that improve the quality of skin, the color is rich and the texture is soft. I love the color I tested, Sacred. which is a coral and can also be used on cheeks for a dewy hint of color.

The Beauty Oil is made from a blend of rich oils and herbs and it nourishes and protects. I love beauty oils and highly recommend using them. This is a great one that my skin responded well to, absorbing quickly and boosting radiance. I’ve heard glowing reviews of the “un” Cover Up and “un” Powder, both of which are natural and organic and do  not contain chemicals and toxins. If you take care of your skin, you only  need the lightest amount of product to take care of blemishes, dark spots etc.


On a trip to Sephora, I bought a Josie Maran Mascara which is infused with Argan Oil. Its gentle and smooth and gives lashes a great coat of color. I use that first then apply my Pur Minerals Big Blinc mascara which does a wonderful job of adding color and length to the lashes. A good natural mascara is hard to find but these two are great and work well together but also stand alone.

My favorite natural lip products include lip gloss from Burts Bees. I love the Shimmer Stick and apply a gloss over it which works nicely for me. Clark’s Botanicals has those Lip Tints which are so creamy and lovely. Vapour Organics has the Elixir Gloss that is wonderful with sheer color and  high shine.

And last but not least, foundation! I am still loving my DeVita primer so I use that as a base everyday. A long time ago, I received some foundation from Vapour Organics and I pulled that out again to see how it would work with my DeVita primer– perfection! The Atmosphere Soft Focus foundation gives you soft, dewy skin with a light color. I dab on the Atmosphere Luminous Foundation on areas where I need more coverage then I top this all off with a powder from Koh Gen Do which is translucent and helps set makeup.

I am searching for great organic and natural (and cruelty free!) makeup, perfume oils and skincare so stay tuned!

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