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All natural, safe for your nails Piggy Paint



By Caroline Leavitt

I love the look of nail polish, especially odd colors like sky blue or grass green, but I don’t love the solvent-based, chemical stew that is in most polishes. As soon as I uncap the polish, I sneeze and wheeze. So I started to do some research and I discovered Piggy Paint. these polishes are made in the United States without the harmful formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, bisphenol, ethy acetate or acetone. They’re hypoallergenic and there’s no scent, which means I can paint my nails to my heart’s delight.

Piggy Paints were made for kids who put their fingers int heir mouths, but the candy bright and neon shades and the soft pastels are really for anyone who wants a natural, healthy product. You can even use them during pregnancy.

They advise you dry them for a minute with warm heat to make the polish chip resistant, but I never do! So pretty up your pinkies and try this way cool polish! I want it in every color.

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