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All natural, all good for you: Bee Naturals


When I got an email asking if I’d be interested in checking out Bee Naturals, I was very excited! There’s nothing I love more than learning about new products, especially when they are natural and non toxic.  

The Bee Naturals story goes back to Barbara Chappuis who as a nurse, needed to protect her sensitive hands from the substances she came in contact with. Many of the products on the market were full of chemicals and she wanted a product that was pure and nurturing so she developed her own creme called the Skin Creme Bar. That  grew into what is now several pure, natural skin care products and “everything in Bee Naturals products have a specific therapeutic purpose.  They protect and heal skin, period.”

I tried a couple of products and really liked them all. I read through the ingredients and love that they don’t contain anything harmful or weird. I’ve been using the Cuticle and Nail Oil which has softened my cuticles and dry skin around nails. I cannot get enough of this oil! It contains lemon and lavender oil plus anti-fungal tea tree oil.


The Lip Gloss in Strawberry adds a  hint of color and lots of shine and offers a very smooth, hydrating texture.I am all for natural lip products especially when I think about how much I apply it- and how much I accidentally lick or eat off throughout the day! The Queen Bee Liquid Honey Skin Cleanser is a non drying cleanser that removes makeup, dirt, oil, etc. You don’t need a lot of this, a little on a soft cloth will do the trick! Because it’s gentle and non irritating, I use it all over- not just for my face.

Whitening Pre-Brush Oral Rinse is by my sink at all times. It helps clean teeth, keep them white and contains nothing harmful. Its the ideal rinse to keep teeth in tip-top shape.

The Bee Naturals don’t stop there!  A look through the site will show you a wide variety of gentle skin care products. There are bath and body products, items for baby, mens skincare and much more. I can’t wait for you to check out the products and see for yourself! Head over to the Bee Naturals page here.


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  1. Love the products. Have been using them for about 6 years now. Bee Naturals is available at Toni’s Gifts in Downtown Washington, Missouri.

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