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Treat color treated and damaged hair with coconut oil


I have fine and color treated hair which could definitely stand to be improved and this summer I’m going to do it! I have visions of myself with wavy, flowing locks and most importantly my hair looks healthy in these daydreams.

I deep condition and  use great products but my hair is still damaged and frizzy. Is yours? I think I found the way to improve the condition of my locks and I hope this helps you too.

Deep condition a few times a week with coconut oil. I  buy mine in jars from Trader Joes and keep one downstairs for cooking and one upstairs for skin and hair care. I take a glop into the shower with me and condition the ends of my hair with a couple of drops of Lavender Oil. After a few minutes, I wash and condition as I normally do. Or if I’m going to be home, I wet my hair and apply the coconut oil on the damp strands for as long as I can stand it. Over time, the coconut oil helps to fill in the porous condition of color treated or damaged hair.

We all know that heat styling is no friend to delicate hair. I’m trying to take a break from my curling iron for a while and see if that helps. Lately, I apply an anti-frizz serum (L’Oreal Paris makes a good one and so does John Frieda) on sopping wet hair then lightly towel dry then blow dry. After my hair is dry, I scrunch in some more serum to tame the frizz, you can also spray on a dry oil. I like the L’Oreal Paris Silk & Gloss Dual Oil Care.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for hair:

Contains Lauric acid, a fatty acid that easily binds hair proteins thus helping in protecting roots of hair strands and preventing hair breakage

Coconut oil possesses the ability of penetrating the hair shaft and thus conditions your hair from within. The oil supplies enough moisture to protect your hair follicles from environmental impurities and heat.

Coconut oil’s antibacterial and antifungal properties give the oil the ability of protecting your scalp against dandruff and lice, both of which can hinder hair growth

Coconut oil is a rich source of nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin K and iron

Massage your scalp with coconut oil to stimulate blood circulation. Improved blood circulation to your scalp will ensure that your hair follicles receive the required amount of essential nutrients and oxygen/ SOURCE

And if you have the time, check this out, its 333 uses for Coconut Oil! If you don’t have coconut oil in the house, Trader Joes sells it for $5.99. This is a product worth every penny.

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