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Stay out of the sun and opt for a “faux” glow with BareMinerals


I have a really good friend whose skin suddenly looked amazingly bright. I asked what her secret was and she she said it was a new BB Cream, it also may have been a recent facial, or the fact that she was in the sun washing her car and got a little color in her face. Whatever the reason, don’t you think we all look a little better with a glow? I always feel like I look healthier and better with some color in my cheeks. Unfortunately, I refuse to lay out in the sun and apply sunscreen nearly every day to prevent any color.

Thankfully there are many products to either give you a natural looking tan or blushes and bronzers to make you look like you’ve been spending time at the beach.

Right now I am using BareMinerals Secret Radiance for a little boost to my complexion. I apply it like a blush, gently swirling it over my face but you can add it to your foundation for a natural glow as well. I’m going to try that tomorrow!


There are also a variety of sunless tanning options. There’s the Faux Tan Body Sunless Tanner for an all over dose of  natural color, this product contains, “A mineral copper complex prolongs the tanning effects, while aloe vera and vegetable-derived emollients provide hydration so skin feels soft and smooth.” It gives you color for 5-7 days! I always like a nice tan on my legs since they are normally very pale.

The Faux Tan Face Gradual Glow Sunless Tanner features ” a unique tanning peptide delivers a subtle, golden glow that gradually develops into a natural-looking tan over time” and I like to apply this just a little at night, let it sink in then apply my normal skin care lotions and potions. If you just cannot wait for these faux tans to develop, you can always use a bit of bronzer!

The READY Bronzer is made with “SeaNutritive MineralTM Complex with antioxidants and cold-pressed carrot oil” and you can use it sparingly to add a natural looking tan to your skin. When I use a bronzer, I make sure to add it to my chest, down my arms and anywhere else where skin shows. There’s nothing worse than a bronze face and white limbs!

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