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Sensitive Skin in the sun? No problem! Try Avene



Many years ago I went through a traumatic event and somehow my emotions manifested  in a horrible red blotchy rash all over my face and body. Not only was it totally unsightly but painful. I will never forget looking into the mirror and seeing this terribly disfiguring rash. I couldn’t go to my job at a bridal shop because I didn’t want people to see me.

 I would have really benefitted from Avene Thermal Spring Water that soothes skin. In fact, had I known about Avene back then, I would have been able to help my skin tremendously.


I’ve heard from and spoken to many people who insist they have the most sensitive skin and nothing ever works for them then I turn them on to Avene and they are grateful and forever changed. When you have brutally sensitive skin that cannot tolerate much, including the rays of the sun, you need extra care. Thank goodness for gentle Avene.

There are certain sunscreens out there that make my skin break out in a red rash, I’ve yet to determine the ingredient that causes this reaction. I turn to The Honest Company, Lavanila, Aveeno, and Avene for my suncare. Because I’m talking about Avene products, I’m going to focus on what they offer but I have high regard for the other brands too.

I like Avene’s High Protection Cream SPF 50 which is 100% mineral protection and is infused with the Avene Thermal Spring Water which is very soothing. I use the Thermal Spring Water on skin irritations, cuts, scrapes, bruises, you name it. It works nicely on sunburn too. The sunscreen gives skin broad spectrum protection and contains anti-oxidants.

For protection within your makeup, there’s the Avene High Protection Tinted Compact Spf 50. This light creamy foundation is applied with a little puff that sits inside the compact. It won’t irritate skin, gives flawless coverage and contains Titanium Dioxide and Zinc oxide for sun protection.

A few more of my favorite Avene products include the Cold Cream Lip Balm, Gentle Body Scrub, and the Cold Cream Hand Lotion. Please go here for Avene!

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