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Natural beauty products I am using and loving


So here’s what’s going on- as I try every year to become healthier and more conscious of being ‘green’ I started looking at ingredients on everything from food to beauty products. I decided I really wanted to  use mostly natural products. Organic, cruelty free, vegan, plant derived products. 

I am in the process of finding brands that nurture skin from ingredients found in nature. Its  not easy but I take it day by day and make good, healthy choices. I started doing more yoga, juicing my fruits and veggies, drinking lemon water all day and not eating any processed foods and using essential oils for a variety of  things.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love my drugstore products and goodies from Sephora because I still do! It means that I am being more mindful and eventually, I will most likely only use organic/natural products. And if you have recommendations, by all means tell me!



In my quest to try and find natural products that truly work, I found Tatcha. I initially discovered their cleansing oil which sounds amazing and if you havent tried cleaning your skin with an oil, I’d highly recommend it. Gone are the days when you’d want your skin to feel “squeaky clean” now its all about preserving moisture.

I tried to products from Tatcha and really liked them. The Revitalizing Eye Cream is very gentle and absorbs nicely within minutes, no greasy residue, no perfumes or scent to irritate the eye area. Its so light and can be used under makeup or concealer. I actually pat a little on throughout the day. This eye cream helps with puffiness and discoloration.

The Brightening Serum is wonderful, making skin look brighter after a few applications. I woke up with improved skin, I could definitely tell this works.  It also hydrates and contains lots of natural ingredients which makes me happy.


Another  product I’m using right now is emerginC scientific organics kombucha cleanser. Nothing makes me happier than a pure product with natural ingredients that works well. This cleanser removes dirt and impurities without drying the skin out. Its very refreshing, light, leaves skin feeling soft and clean. It contains ingredients like Kombucha, grape stem cells, algae extract, glycerin and more goodness.

Since I love a good face oil, I was excited to try this one by Orico. It’s very rich, organic and just good for your face! It contains ‘natural plant oils, Tamanu, Rosehip and Jojoba.’


I this oil because my skin will drinks it in and looks softer, balanced and feel smoother. Since Orico Face Oil is organic and is created with natural ingredients, then all the better! You can add drops of oil to your regular cleanser and moisturizer, add to eye cream, apply all over hands and neck. Its very versatile.  I have been adding a few drops to my nightly moisturizer for added nutrients and I dab any leftovers on my hands, neck and chest.


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