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Have you tried the Curly Girl Method?


my dream hair, wavy and tousled

For the longest time I’ve been bothered by my naturally frizzy hair. Or what I think is frizzy. After reading up on the Curly Girl Method, I realize now my frizz may just be waves that need some help, a little love and coaxing to reach their full potential. Thanks to a recent post (Shout out to Jenny Feldon!) I started thinking that maybe the Curly Girl Method was for me.


this is my exact hair style with a simple blow dry and without styling tools. Really.

According to WikiHow, here are the basics on the Curly Girl Method:

Detangle your hair gently, always while wet and with conditioner applied. Okay this is easy, I can do that.

Stop shampooing your hair. Yes! I can use something like WEN or Carol’s Daughter, done.

Wash your scalp with conditioner (conditioner washing). I usually wash my hair this way anyway.

Distribute conditioner throughout all of your hair and untangle gently. Use your hands or a wide-toothed comb. Easy!

Do the final rinse of your hair with cool or cold water. This will decrease frizz and add shine. Makes me cold, but okay.

Apply products to your hair. Do this while your hair is soaking wet if you have curlier hair, but wait five minutes or so if you have medium to wavy curly hair. I keep them right outside my shower door within reach, check!

Gently scrunch your hair with a t-shirt, paper towels, or a micro-fiber towel to remove excess moisture. A generic terrycloth towel will make your hair frizzy. I grabbed an old tee shirt that I don’t wear anymore  and wrapped it turban style around my head. No matter what, I can definitely do this.

Decrease the drying time of your hair by plopping. Say what?

Plopping:  Spread an old t-shirt or micro-fiber towel onto a flat surface (such as the toilet with seat down). Bend over at the waist and position your hair in the middle of the cloth. With your head touching the cloth, drape the back section of cloth over your head. Twist the sides until they form “sausage rolls” and clip or tie them at the base of your neck. You can also use the sleeves of a long sleeve t-shirt to secure. After 15-30 minutes remove the cloth. If your hair is frizzy after plopping lightly graze the hair with gel.

Dry your hair. Air drying is the easiest and gentlest way to dry your hair. If you must blow dry your hair use a diffuser to avoid frizz. Only dry your hair partially (about 80 percent dry) and air-dry the rest of the way.  I’m sorry, did you say air dry? HAHAHAHA! I tried that and my hair looked AWFUL.


if only big,  blonde and frizzy were back in style, my hair would be ideal.

I am really wanting my hair to look healthy and thick and wavy. Before even learning about this Curly Girl Method, I decided to use shampoo with no sulfates, wash only the scalp, condition the ends and use styling products sparingly. Just  last month I figured I’d only use a curling iron when I had somewhere special to go (not my usual Trader Joes-Target-TJ Maxx- library- Starbucks loop). 

I dried my hair with my super Brazilian Heat blowdryer, applied some serum to tame any frizz, wound my hair into a bun and let it set while I put my makeup on, then let it out and hoped for some waves.

When I tried this CGM, yesterday my hair was super greasy, even my kids asked what was up with my locks. Today I tried air drying my hair and when I tell you it looks horrible, believe me- that no exaggeration!

So what now?  I’ll adopt some of the tips and see what happens. I will certainly keep looking for other people’s experiences with this method until I find my hair twin who has had success. Healthy, pretty hair will be mine! 


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