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Grow some lashes and more with GrandeLASH

jean lashes

I am always looking for lash serum to keep my lashes looking long and lush. I was super excited to try GrandeLASH, a serum that boasts quick results with an increase in thickness and density. The formula contains Hyaluronic acid, Peptides, and ingredients that are good for lash health!


I’ve been using this non irritating lash serum for a couple of weeks and I like what I see- my lashes are quite long and thicker. I am going to keep using it as its so easy to use and gentler on the wallet than many other serums. You can use it on sparse eyebrows too. I incorporate this into my nightly skin care routine, after my eyecream I apply this to my lash line. It couldn’t be any easier!

Use the GrandeMASCARA to compliment your new eyelash growth. You can order the Grande Eye Candy set and recieve the Lash Serum, Mascara and something I always have nearby in the morning, the GrandeEYE-MIRACLE instant eye lifting serum. This serum, dotted on the eye area, instantly reduces puffiness which I need. It “lifts” the eyes and makes you look more awake. I grab this as soon as I get up and within minutes of applying, I look so much better.  

Grow big, full hair with Grande HAIR! This is for thinning or thin hair. Here is what you need to know about it: GrandeHAIR uses an advanced ingredient technology to bring vitamins, peptides and amino acids to the scalp to help stimulate dormant follicles. GrandeHAIR Professional Strength Hair Rejuvenation Stimulant improves the look and feel of your existing hair, increasing thickness, and has even shown to darken grey and light hair. This exclusive formula helps restore damaged hair, giving your hair healthy shine and bounce. 

I haven’t been using the GrandeHAIR product for very long but am hopeful that my fine hair will look more lush after using this product.

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