CindyReads: The Silver Star By Jeannette Walls


I have been eagerly awaiting anything Jeannette Walls writes so I was super excited to begin The Silver Star as soon as I received a review copy. If you haven’t read Jeannette’s memoir, The Glass Castle,  you must. It’s a five star book and one that I compare a lot of others to, especially when I’m rating books on Goodreads.

When I think of a wonderful book that I didn’t want to end, something that is very well written but emotional and heart wrenching and leaves me wanting more, I think of The Glass Castle. I enjoyed Jeannette’s other book Half Broke Horses a lot as well and highly recommended that one to everyone when it came out, it was very, very good. Now I present, The Silver Star.

The year is 1970, the place in California and twelve year old  “Bean” Halladay and her fifteen year old sister Liz are left behind when their mother needs some “time alone.” Fearing that they may be taken from their home, they decide to head across the country to their uncle Tinsley’s house in Byler, Virginia. His home is an old mansion, the place where their mother grew up and couldn’t wait to flee. Bean meets her cousins and learns the true story of her father, a hero who died before she was born.

Needing extra money for school clothes, Bean and Liz take jobs from Jerry Maddox, an imposing, bully of a  man who is the foreman of the mill in town. The girls are adjusting to their new home when suddenly Jerry does something to Liz which sets in the motion the second half of the story.

Told from the perspective of spunky, sassy Bean (who reminded me of Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird), the book is engaging and completely pulled me in. I didn’t want it to end which is always the hallmark of a great book. I loved the small town setting, I loved Bean’s relatives and her relationship with her aunt and cousin and of course,  her protective nature over her big sister Liz. I did not however, love their mother.

Look for this book on June 11, 2013 when its released! Place your order here on Amazon.

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