CindyReads: New Books for Spring


Of course I’m never without a good  book and I read these three quickly and highly recommend them! I just got Maeve Binchy’s new book plus The Silver Linings Playbook. And I have Jeannette Wall’s newest book which I am so anxious to begin. Let’s take a look at three awesome books that you will lose yourself in from page one:

The Lost Husband by Katherine Center was a light funny read that kept me turning pages until the book was finished. Libby Moran’s husband has died (*Side note* I just realized I read two  books about women nammed Libby whose husband’s died!) and she’s spent the last three years living with her super critical mother. When the offer comes to move to her distant aunt’s farm in Texas in exchange for room and board, Libby packs up her two children and her belongings and heads out.

Country life is a big change for Libby who begins to realize that  her ex-hippie aunt is nothing like her mother told her, the shaggy guy who helps run the farm is a lot more complex than she initially thought, and the young woman who claims she can reach Libby’s dead husband is actually an actress who has returned home for a second chance and is a promising friend to Libby.

This book is all about family secrets, starting over and second chances but is written in such an easy to read style, I quickly read it and am eager to recommend it to everyone! I liked the authors other novels so look out for them too.

The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers was highly recommended to me from a fellow book lover and I knew from page one that I would enjoy it, and I did. When young Tia fell in love with married Nicolas, neither imagined she’d end up pregnant. Frightened of losing his wife and children, Nicholas left Tia alone to deal with her pregnancy. As her mother lay dying, Tia knew she couldn’t  handle raising a baby on her own so she gave her daughter up for adoption. Peter and Caroline adopted the baby girl but Caroline lives with the guilt that she’s not a good enough mother, that she’d too dedicated to her important medical career. When Nicholas’s wife Juliet finds out that her husband fathered a child, she sets out to meet Caroline and the child. 

The Comfort of Lies is a richly layered novel that deals with heavy topics like infidelity, adopting, parenting, love, truth. It really  kept me turning the pages quickly as I anticipated a collision between all of the characters.

One of my favorite books of the last few years is Wildflower Hill. I had a copy of this novel and loaned it out to so many friends that I eventually lost track of who got it. Every single person who read it, loved it. I was so anxious and excited to get my hands on Kimberly Freeman’s follow up, Lighthouse Bay. And I was  not disappointed!

This book follows the story of Libby Slater who’s married lover dies suddenly but leaves her a cottage on Lighthouse Bay where Libby grew up. She heads back to her hometown in Australia to sort out her personal life including repairing a relationship with her estranged sister. While at the cottage, Libby discovers a mystery surrounding her lover’s family. The novel swaps over to 1901 where a shipwreck’s  only survivor is Isabella and she has a precious gift meant for the Australian Parliament in her possession. Her husbands greedy family is looking for her but Isabella longs to start a new life in America.

The stories go back and forth and I found myself skipping ahead to see what would happen to Isabella, I was really caught up in her storyline. I really enjoyed this book, the author is a brilliant storyteller and she cannot write her next novel fast enough!

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