A book to read now and two of the best books you haven’t read yet


Honestly my most favorite thing in the world is shopping for shoes online to sit uninterrupted and get lost in a good book. You know the kind of book where you think about it when you aren’t reading it and get lost in the pages when you are? Thats what happened with Swimming at Night by Lucy Clarke.

Katie has grown distant with her wild younger sister Mia who ran off on a trip around the world after their mother died. When she receives the news that Mia has died, apparently a suicide from a cliff in Bali, Katie searches for answers, not believing her sister would end her own life. Armed with her sisters detailed journal, Katie takes off on the exact route Mia traveled, trying to piece together what happened, what drove Mia to kill herself- or did something else happen?

The chapters flip between Katie and Mia, as Katie reads Mia’s journal. I thought this was a very effective way to give the reader information and also hooking you into the story. Katie doubts Mia committed suicide although all clues indicate thats what happened. There is much to the story of these sisters and I loved how layered the story was with the death of their mother, an impending wedding for Katie, a moody love interest with a dark past for Mia.

I can easily picture this as a movie. I bet you someone is already working on a screenplay!

Two books that are about to come out are Leslie Lehr’s What a Mother Knows and Caroline Leavitt’s Is This TomorrowThese must-read novels come out on May 7th.

Both books pull you in right away and keep you turning pages, much like Swimming at Night. You want to know what happens to the characters and can’t close the book until you find out. So so good!!

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