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Your best skin now with Lumene and B. Kamins



By Caroline Leavitt


 Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-age BB Cream SPF 20 with Arctic Cloudberry

If you’re like me, you’re always in a rush and anything that can simplify skincare is a Godsend. Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-age BB Cream SPF 20 with Arctic Cloudberry helps to correct those pesky skin imperfections even as it unveils soft, radiant skin.

It protects against the sun’s damaging rays to keep aging at bay, even as it brightens your skin tone. Even better, it’s like the perfect makeup, and it’s portable enough to pack in your purse, so you can stay pretty all day long!

Next, let’s discuss B. Kamins! Pale-skinned girls like me need a lot of protection so we don’t burn, even on overcast days. I tried K. Kamins Sun Defense with SPF 30. I loved that it didn’t have oils or fragrances (I’m allergic!)  and it’s an equal opportunity product, so I can slather it on my face and on my body. Even better, it can be applied over makeup and it leaves a dewy matte finish, too.

B. Kamins[1]
Next I tried the Lip Blam, which also has an SPF of 20, because your lips can sunburn, too.  This glides on, and it protects your lips against sun, wind and extreme temperatures. It also has Bio-Maple(tm) to heal and protect your lips. I found, too, that this makes the perfect base for lipstick!
Lastly, I tried the Matte Moisturizer. Oil and fragrance free, it glides on without that sticky feel. The Bio-Maple ™ compound acts as a humectant to help your skin retain all that precious moisture it needs. Like the Lip balm, the moisturizer acts as a great base for the rest of my makeup!

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