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The David Babaii Blow Dry Bar opens in Brentwood


Here’s some exciting news if you are in the Los Angeles area! Celebrity Hairstylist David Babaii  just announced the opening of the David Babaii Blow Dry Bar through an exclusive partnership with world-renowned fitness trainer Tracy Anderson and long-time friend Gwyneth Paltrow.

I’m sure you’ve seen David’s work, he’s  been styling the hair of the world’s most beautiful women for a long time. And Tracy Anderson is a fitness guru who has the ability to whip any body into shape (look up her videos of YouTube). And you  know Gwyneth, we’re all old friends! I’m excited to read her new cookbook, above.

But back to business! Here is the 411-

 “According to David Babaii, “I am so excited and honored to join the team as we all share the same devotion to women’s fitness, health, and beauty.” The David Babaii Blow Dry Bar will open inside the Tracy Anderson Brentwood Studio offered exclusively to Tracy Anderson members.The scheduled launch date is April 4, 2013.”

This collaboration has significant meaning to David after Tracy Anderson personally helped him lose over 100lbs. He understands the importance of regaining your confidence and wellbeing while wishing the same for anyone yearning to transform their lives. His belief about women is: “Poets have written about them… Philosophers have pondered about them… Artists have painted them… Women have made me the man I am today…”
As part of this holistic alliance with Tracy Anderson and the Tracy Anderson Brentwood Studio along with Gwyneth Paltrow; David will personally train the hairstyling team for the David Babaii Blow Dry Bar. Services will include various looks from ideal work-out styles, lasting blow-outs to red carpet ready looks while providing Tracy Anderson Brentwood Studio Members with the ultimate styling experience.”



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