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The Biobliss Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Patch


This is the type of product that I want to save for a special occasion and what usually ends up happening is that there are no special occasions and the product/shirt/dress/shoes sit unused until I forget all about it- like a Diane VonFurstenberg dress I bought and its still hanging in my closet after two years (luckily it’s plain and won’t go out of style!). I’m trying to be better about this kind of thing. Do we really need a special occasion to wear something nice or be treated to a spa day or a pedicure? I was hoarding my Crest White Strips for an event and then I realized I should just go ahead and use these things!



Before I left for New Orleans, I applied the BioBliss Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Patch to my eye area. This patch contains things like “hyaluronic acid, powerful peptides, essential vitamins and advanced antioxidants. Ion activation of this patch gently drives these ingredients from the patch to the skin and is clinically proven as a safe and effective solution to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Available in two shapes to treat wrinkles on the forehead and eye areas.”

I have to admit, it looks pretty crazy when its on your face but its not painful or uncomfortable. Since it has an “innovative proprietary delivery system containing the ion technology found in a galvanic micro-current treatment” I expected a little pinch or sting but nothing. Its very easy to use and you keep it on for thirty minutes or more.

When I removed the patches, my skin was indeed smoother and wrinkles were way less pronounced. This is something I would like to have on hand to use every few weeks, special occasion or not. For more information and to see all products from BioBliss, please go here.

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