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Make eyes look brighter and smoother with products from L’Oreal Paris


I don’t know about you but I really don’t like going out of the house without mascara. Its a product that will wake up eyes and make the entire face look polished. Along with lip gloss, mascara is an obsession of mine and surprise! the best ones have come from the drugstore.

My latest favorite is the new Telescopic Shocking Extension mascara from L’Oreal Paris. It was love at first sight! This mascara is so smooth and coats every lash, making lashes look long and luxurious. The 200 bristle brush grabs hold of even the smallest lashes. No clumping or smudging! I highly recommend this one. I always do two coats featuring on the very tips of the lashes during the second coat. But if you want to do a single coat for a more natural lash, this one gets the job done.

To make eyes look younger and smoother, you will want to try the new Miracle Blur from L’Oreal Paris too. It totally “blurs” pores, wrinkles and fine lines and erases the years! Dab it on before or after foundation to visibly decrease any skin imperfection. This contains an SPF 30 so your skin is protected from the sun too. I use this primary around my eyes where I have fine lines, I just dab on a small amount after applying my foundation.

Before applying your eyeshadow, try the new De-Crease Eye Shadow Base. I like using a base when I take the time to really make an effort with eye shadow. The De-Crease will keep shadow from creasing or fading. Even if I only wear liner on my top lash-line, I apply this first.  



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