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Give limp hair volume with these products


Your best bet when looking for hair products in the drugstore or places like Target or WalMart is to know your hair type. Is it long, short, medium? Lanky or thin? Color treated or frizzy? What do you want to do with your hair- smooth it down? give it some volume? lock in your style with a good hairspray?

 Keep these things in mind when you begin looking at the rows and rows of hair care product because it really can be confusing. I try to pick out the one thing I need help with regarding my hair and it usually the fact that its frizzy/dry and or flat/thin. With that concern in mind, I can narrow down the field to finding products for frizzy or dry hair.

I zeroed in on John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume hair products. I know these were used to pump up the volume in Adele’s hair recently.I tried out the Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray which is used while hair is damp, then I sprayed throughout as I was blowing my hair dry. It definitely gives hair more oomph, creating the look of thicker, fuller hair without it being sticky or hard. There’s a great hairspray too that I use to continue the fullness all day long and bonus! its made to keep your hair looking voluminous so feel free to spray the underside of your hair for extra big locks.

Another product that I gravitated towards was L’Oreal Paris EverStrong Sulfate-Free Hair and Scalp system- Thickening Tonic. This promises to “fortify and thicken, energize the scalp with an amino acid complex” and you spray this directly on your scalp, on the roots of your hair. It will make hair look thicker while also giving roots some extra strength. My fingers are crossed! My poor color treated, dry hair needs help.

Caring for dry hair like I am? From L’Oreal Paris comes the new EverStyle dry Shampoo and if you are trying to get your hair in better shape, then skip a day in between washing and heat styling and use a dry shampoo. Since I cannot stand dirty, greasy hair, I reach for this! Spray in short bursts directly at roots while also using the blow dryer to work the product into hair. It takes less than two minutes and your hair is refreshed, oil is absorbed, and hair smells good. Its also a time saver! I work a little serum or argan oil into the dry ends and usually tuck the hair around then hold with a  bobbie pin for a quick little bun.

I feel like I cannot live without hairspray! While I’d love to have flowing, wavy locks, my hair simply doesn’t fall the way I want it to if left natural. I need a good hairspray that holds but still looks natural. Redken is a favorite of mine and most recently I began using the  Control Addict High Control hairspray which gives 24 hour humidity resistance, control, and you can brush your hair after spraying it on your hair!


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