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Get your feet summer ready with Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks & Sally Hansen

There is nothing worse than someone wearing sandals and having scaly, dry feet! Ugh! I see it all the time as people wear flip flops and toe baring shoes all year round here in southern California and it grosses me out. Its super easy to care for your feet every day and have them looking clean and smooth.


Here’s how to do it:

Scrub your feet! Keep them clean and remove dead skin by using a pedicure brush which you can find at CVS, Target, WalMart. I also really love the Spongeables pedi-scrub foot buffer (check it out here).

Next dry feet thoroughly. Clipping toe nails is a no-brainer! Keep them short. I like to have mine painted dark colors and frequently change polish to keep them looking like I just got a pedicure.  One of my favorite polishes is the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure. It is five steps in one bottle, two coats is all you need for days of salon perfect nails. I love the range of colors- my favorites are Commander in Chic, a purple gray and Sweet Talker, pale pink. These dry with a nice shine, the brush is thick and angled so its easy to paint each nail, very smooth application and a great consistency. Ideal for fingers and toenails.



Apply the NightCare Intensive Healing Foot Cream then slip on the Gel Heel Socks. These are like socks with the toes cut out! You can give yourself a pedicure and treat your heels at the same time. After one use my heels were softer and looked super smooth. These will be my treat on the days I do a pedicure! Here is the 411:

“The Moisturizing Gel Heel sock’s unique Moisture Zone comprised of the Visco-GEL® lined heel provides deep and continuous softening and moisturizing of hard, dry skin. Dermatologist tested, our heels socks deliver mineral oil to repair damaged skin. Our NightCare Intensive Healing foot cream instantly moisturizes skin to help heal and prevent dry, cracked areas. Its velvety, long-lasting formula nourishes feet with beneficial vitamins A, D & E and urea. Great for softening calluses too.”



There is no excuse for not having clean, pretty and well attended feet! And if you want to go a step further and really take care of them, try wearing shoes with good support- no more cheap, flat shoes that create blisters and bunions. For everyday wear I like TOMS which have arch support and are super light. Also, Nike Free sneakers and New Balance make awesome sneakers in great colors and I hear you can’t beat a Dansko clog for comfort!

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