CindyReads: Two books in one week



Although I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, sometimes I have a hard time squeezing in time to read but this week, after a terrifying medical scare that kept me home, I caught up and read two books. And they were really good, quick reads.

The first one was Brandi Glanville’s memoir called Drinking & Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders but it could have been called, I Hate Eddie Cibrian and his Hatchet Faced Wife. You see, Brandi was happily married to the actor, living the dream of being in love and having two little boys when she discovered her husband was cheating on her. Mulitiple times. With many people, but mainly a country singer who shall remain nameless. Heartbroken,  sad, depressed, Brandi struggled to put her life back together under the glare of the celebrity spotlight. It was devestating to learn that the life she thought she was living was essentially a lie. And the bummer of it all was that this was not what she had chosen, who asks to be cheated on and hurt?

So Brandi had to move on although its clear she’s still pretty hurt (I would be too). You might know Brandi from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo, she’s the very gorgeous, very outspoken and blunt member of the cast. Behind her  beauty and confidence however is a woman who has been hurt both privately and publicly and generously shares everything in her book. It is a fun and entertaining read but my heart breaks for what she went through during her divorce. I heard this is going to be turned into a movie- I can totally imagine it!

If you liked Jeannette Walls memoir, The Glass Castle then you will also like Chanel Bonfire by Wendy Lawless. This was a great book and I enjoyed every page although again, it was another memoir that is tough to read  because it was very heartbreaking.

In Chanel Bonfire, Wendy and her sister Robin have to deal with a dramatic, selfish, glamorous and unpredictable mother. Wendy’s mother, Georgann constantly moved her girls around from New York city to London to Connecticut, putting on appearences to look like a wealthy, charming single mother when in reality it was young Wendy who held it all together and covered for her mother.

Georgann smoked and drank and often threw temper tantrums directed at her young daughters and manipulated her ex-husbands. It was not unheard of for Georgann to lock her daughters in the closet all day or to force them to get rid of all their Christmas gifts or keep them from seeing their real father telling them he didn’t want anything to do with them. In and out of institutions, she never got the help she needed to address her mental health issues and unfortunately neither girl experienced living in a normal environment.

I found this book difficult to put down, I just had to know what happened to Wendy and her sister as they got older.  I sure hope this is turned into a movie, I can see it with tones of Running With Scissors (another great memoir) with Julianne Moore starring!


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