CindyReads: Market Street by Anita Hughes


I am so glad that Anita Hughes invited me to take a look at her new novel, Market Street. I don’t know if this happens to you but oftentimes I will open several books and promptly close them because the writing doesn’t resonate with me, characters don’t strike a chord and I just can’t “get into” the story. I always feel bad when that happens! I blame myself, not the author. I’m very picky… and moody.

Market Street grabbed me from the first page. I like it when I can’t wait to get back to my book after doing a thousand other things during the day.  I was totally engaged in the story of Cassie Blake, a department store heiress whose marriage starts to crumble when she learns her UC Berkeley professor husband had an affair. She reluctantly takes on the role of overseeing a new food emporium while she recovers from her heartbreak although she much rather be helping out in Alice Waters Edible Schoolyard, gardening and volunteering her time. Cassie moves into her friend Alexis’s Presidio Heights mansion and tries to sort out her feelings about her philandering husband and her future at Fenton’s. Of course there has to be a handsome man thrown in the mix to complicate things- enter James, a cute architect hired to design the emporium.

The book is a quick and easy read. As a fashion lover, I liked reading about the fancy designer clothes and the ultra swanky Fenton’s. San Francisco provides a fantastic backdrop for the story. I’m looking forward to reading more from Anita Hughes! Click here to order Market Street which is due out next week!


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