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Celebs are changing up their hair- will you?


I would LOVE to do something drastic with my hair, like cut it off or dye it strawberry blonde. And there have been many days where I have wanted to grab scissors and cut it all off, like Hannah from GIRLS (above).

Are you bold and daring enough to  make a big change?

celeb hair

These celebs have recently undergone either a new hair cut or new color. I love Maggie Gyllenhaal’s super short cut- that would really reduce my time in the morning. And while Sofia Vergara’s hair isn’t too big of a change, the color is more of her natural blonde. Katherine McPhee has a cute, trendy bob and Elizabeth Bank’s can go from blonde to brunette and look gorgeous either way!

What do you think? Will you try a fresh, new hair look this spring? (photo source)


I think my favorite hair style at the moment is Alexa Chung. (Get some  hair tips on her style from Refinery 29).  I love the bangs which tend to be quite flattering for ahem, women not in their twentys or early thirties. Short bangs dont work for about 95% of the population which is why I think Alexa’s are perfect- short enough not to be falling into the eyes all the time but long enough to push to the side. Speaking of bangs…

…. luckily Marion Cotillard is so beautiful because these bangs are just too short for anyone else:


What will your look be for spring? I recently went from long bangs that reached my chin to bangs that are a little longer than eyebrow length and thats a big enough change for me.

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