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Bloggers Discuss Changes to the FTC Guidelines


Recently the FTC set forth some new rules for bloggers. The short version is that bloggers must disclose, at the beginning of any post or social media, that we received a press sample provided for review. So every review should state “I received this product from a PR company or cosmetic company for review” whether it be a mention on facebook, tweet etc.

I find somewhat unfair that magazines do not have to state what they received compensation for- every product mentioned in a magazine is usually due to  big bucks being traded.  I used to think the magazines featured beauty products because they truly tried them and loved them but thats not the case. Often products recommended in the pages of a magazine will be advertised throughout the pages. Just pay attention and you will see.

When a post is sponsored ie, if money is given to me for writing something, it will clearly state either in a sentence at the bottom of my post or in a tag that reads SPONSORED POSTs. I also write about this in the disclosures section of  HelloDollface.

Sometimes I buy my makeup at Target or CVS and write about it, sometimes I am given something to review and other times, I read about something cool and want to pass it along to you. Other times its a combination of things I’ve purchased, products sent to me and things I want to try. All times I am honest about my feelings towards a product and hope to provide fun, interesting content for my fellow beauty lovers. I don’t work for any companies, I have nothing to gain or lose by writing this little blog. My goal is to give you content as if we are chatting about our limp hair or aging skin or how we find ways to get whiter teeth etc. I’m not setting out to trick anyone into buying a product or force anyone into making a purchase.

It will be interesting to see how some of the big, major beauty blogs will handle these disclosures, if at all. These other bloggers have written some great posts about the FTC disclosures and you can read them here:

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