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BB Creams for Every Budget




By now you know what a BB Cream is, they are all the rage and are here to stay! BB stands for Beauty Balm, and it multi-tasks by offering coverage, improving skin, and it usually has some kind of vitamins or antioxidants plus sunscreen. I’ve been using a few different ones and here are a few from every spectrum of the price range!

If you are shopping at Nordstrom, check out the 3Lab Perfect BB Cream. This one is the gold standard in BBs! It can easily take the place of your everyday foundation. Not only does it treat wrinkles but it brightens skin, provides excellent coverage, contains a host of excellent ingredients to fight aging and skin problems. A little goes a long way and you will probably have this for a while if used sparingly.  I love this one and at $95, its definitely a splurge!

If you are shopping at Sephora, look for the Boscia BB Cream which is great for dry skin, its botanical rich and contains an spf 27. It comes in one shade which will self adjust.  Good for senstive skin, $38. While you’re roaming the aisles of Sephora, take a peek at the Naked Skin Beauty Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 20 from Urban Decay, $34. This smooth cream glides over skin and reduces the look of pores and wrinkles and boasts the ability to firm skin! I like this for around the eye area where I have dark circles and fine lines.

I feel like the Miracle Skin Transformer was the first original BB cream before these were called BB Creams. This one does it all from covering discoloration to smoothing skin tone to providing sun protection and it lasts all day long without a touchup. It comes in several shades which is a huge plus since most BB creams only come in one to three shades. You can build coverage as needed but I like to apply it lightly then use a dusting of powder to set it in place,$48

At the drugstore, my favorite place to look for affordable makeup, definitely stop by the L’Oreal Paris aisle to pick up the Age Perfect BB Cream. It gives a sheer, natural coverage while providing sun protection and boosting radiance. I use a concealer around my eyes and powder for that T-zone but other than that, this one is good on its own, $15. Another BB Cream from L’Oreal Paris that I really liked was the Studio Secrets Professional Magic B.B. Cream which has a neat texture to it and goes on white but quickly adjusts to your skin tone. It primes skin, hydrates (lightly- its not heavy or oily) and gives skin a smooth appearance, $10.

The Aveeno Clear Complexion BB Cream is oil free, contains an spf 30 and is very lightweight. I recently reviewed this and loved the way my skin looked  more radiant. This BB is geared towards keeping skin acne free, with a formula that won’t clog pores. $16

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing these things for it was a really big help especially for people like me searching for affordable but with great quality products. I guess I have to try on Aveeno first.

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