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I just finished How Lucky You Are by Kristyn Kusek Lewis, have you read it yet? This is the story of three friends who each think the other may have life just a little better then they do.

The story takes place outside of Washington DC where Waverly, the central character, has a devoted boyfriend and a cute little bakery but is on the verge of losing both her bakery and her  home. Gorgeous, stylish Kate is married to a man who is successful in his political career but he may be harboring a secret that will crush Kate. And then there’s sweet Amy who seems to have the perfect life with her small daughter and doctor husband, but her secret may be the most devestating one of all.

This is an entertaing look at women’s friendships and lives and how really, each of us struggles no matter how perfect life seems from the outside looking in.

Find out more about How Lucky You Are by going here- and its a deal on kindle right now at only $6.99



Another really good book that I totally enjoyed is by Amy Allen Clark, The Good Life for Less: Giving Your Family Great Meals, Good Times, and a Happy Home on a Budget. Sometimes nonfiction books can be really dry but this one is engaging and fun and having met Amy before, it brims with her enthusiasm!

This is an applicable lifestyle guide to living on a budget, running a household, creating crafts, making meals, and so much more. I keep this book close so I can reread it as I know I’m going to be dipping into it repeatedly, referring to the pratical advice Amy doles out. It also makes a great gift!


AND I am so excited for these books, coming out soon. I have high hopes for all of them!


Brandi Glanville– Drinking & Tweeting, Khaled Hosseini– And The Mountains Echoed, Jeannette Walls– The Silver Star, Tara Conklin– The House Girl, Jodi Picoult– The Storyteller

I like to mix a little humor with some history and throw in some serious books too!

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