CindyReads: Three new books for your reading consideration

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I’ve been enjoying Jen Lancaster’s books for years. Hers are the perfect blend of snark and wit and her writing is on fire with her latest, Here I Go Again. For Lissy Ryder, highschool was where she ruled. A queen bee, she did not think twice about being mean and cruel to others who were “beneath” her. At her ten reunion, she’s actually surprised at being snubbed by her former classmates… or victims. She gets the chance to go back in time and redo her wrongs but in doing so, she also alters the future. How can she fix her behavior in the past so that everyone gets what they deserve in the future? This is a really fun book and a quick read.

In Jojo Moyes new novel, Me Before You, the protagonist is Lou Clark, a unique young lady who thinks nothing of pairing the oddest clothing combinations together and speaking her mind. She loses her job at a coffee shop and needs to find something quickly as she’s  helping support her entire family. Lou is not terribly in love with her boyfriend Patrick but keeps him around out of habit not passion. She finds a job helping take care of Will Traynor, a handsome man who is confined to a wheelchair due to a terrible accident that took away use of his body and his will to live. Lou and Will form a bond and while this isn’t a romantic love story, it is a story about love. I really liked this book and was sorry to see it end. The author does a great job of keeping the tone of the book light and fun but the story is serious.

 In Autobiography of Us by Aria Beth Sloss, the year is 1960 and Rebecca Madden is a shy, smart book worm whose life is brightened when Alexandra moves to town. Alex is a dramatic (and quite unlikeable) young woman who has big plans of being an actress, Rebecca hopes to become a doctor. As the girls grow up, they know that women arent quite encouraged to seek out careers other than what is ‘acceptable’ and neither wants to settle for less. The two are very close until an accidental betrayal at college. Their relationship is ruined for several years after. But neither woman forgets the other and the end reveals the truth about Alex. Its a beautifully written novel set in a gripping time period.

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