Are you juicing yet? I’ve been trying to do a little daily juicing and was feeling pretty pleased with myself for drinking about ten ounces of green juice every afternoon. Then I read the suggested consumption of juice is about 36 ounces. And then I didn’t feel so special!

Here are some of the combos I’ve tried thus far:

*Kale, apple, parsley, cucumber, celery, spinach. The taste of kale is quite bitter, I can pick it out of all of those other veggies.

*Pineapple, ginger, lime. By far my favorite drink! Probably because its all fruit.

*Apple, spinach, celery, lemon, cucumber. Delish and a vibrant green that would make a nice color for a sweater.

*Lemon, parsley, apple, spinach. Granny Smith apples make really good juice.

*Apples, ginger, lemon. My kids might drink this one. Again, no greens so its really delish but not as many nutrients as when I add the greens.

I’ve read a lot about the benefits of juicing beets but since I hate the flavor of  beets, I’m not sure I’ll be giving that a whirl! When I get my gelatin, I will be adding that to the juice for a surge of protein. I’d like to try wheatgrass as well  but worry it will taste like grass clippings.

If you’ve been juicing, tell me what your favorite combos are?

A few easy, natural beauty tips:

*Try this detox tea:  honey, ginger, lemon in a cup of warm water.

*Add a scoop of coconut oil to oatmeal in the mornings.

*For a little treat, try dark chocolate covered almonds. I eat about three or four after lunch for something sweet.

* Use a deep cleansing oil (I like the one by DHC to remove makeup). Try a few drops of lavender oil on a warm, damp microfiber cloth, then wipe away oil.

*Pure argan oil as a moisturizer instead of a cream or lotion.

*Add argan oil to  conditioner  for a surge of hydration.

Got some natural beauty tips? Feel free to share!