Multi Fruit Cleanser leaves skin radiant

Multi Fruit Cleanser leaves skin radiant


There is something I’d like to do in the coming months and that is focus on healthy skincare and beauty products. I love all makeup but lately I’ve been so into eating better, lots of yoga, and seeking out great natural products and here’s one that fits: Multi Fruit Cleanser from EmerginC.

This is loaded with delicious natural ingredients such as vitamin C, natural fruit acids and maritime pine bark extract.

The Multi Fruit Cleanser cleans the face and leaves it smooth and soft. It is a very rich cleanser, it feels more like a luxurious lotion than a face cleanser! It is also very gentle and I used it around my eye area with no irritation. This is also soap free and will hydrate the skin.

Here is a great deal going on right now, you buy a cleanser and get ONE FREE. $37 buys two multi-fruit cleansers at www.emerginC.comValid: October through December 2012

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