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Get the celebrity look: Emily Blunt

I just love this picture of Emily Blunt, more specifically, I dig her makeup! Those serious cats eyes paired with the bright pink lipstick and her dark hair swept off her face..its all so glamorous! And her skin looks flawless, like she herself has been airbrushed to perfection. I dont know who did her makeup but Bravo! Great job here.

I asked Celebrity Makeup Artist Julie Tussey from the Angelo David salon, how to achieve this look at home. Because you never know when you will find yourself getting read for the Red Carpet!

1) Start by giving your shin this flawless look by using Diorskin Air Flash Spray Foundation $42 in Light Beige. Close your eyes and spray your entire face.

2) Since I am also known for my brow styling I like to fill in the brows straight away to help find the design the eyes. Use Dior Perfect Brows in Universal Brown which in a fine styler pencil and make hair like upward strokes to fill in spaces throughout the brow and extend ends towards the temples to create a beautiful picture frame for the eyes.

3) Next this look is all about the big cat tail eye. Use the Dior Style Liner $34 in black. To help determine the angle of the line, take a business card and place along the bottom edge of the eye and at the tip of the brow. Place the tip of the marker at the crease of the eye and swipe pen toward the eye and along the top of the eye. Then flip pen toward the inner eye and swipe pen from where the lashes begin and along the top attaching lines. Make sure to give the line a second coat above the 1st line for an extra wide cat tail line.

4) Place a little gold line under eye using Dior 1 Colour Extreme Eyeshadow $29 in Beige Print.

5) Create a beautiful lip using Dior #475 Pink Caprice or #766 Star Fuchsia. Blend lipstick with your middle + ring finger and rub excess color on the apple of the cheeks. Then to finish this look off use 2 coats of Dior Show New look mascara and pull brush toward the temples and out for an alluring look.If desired dust a little Dior invisable Retouch Powder SPF 8 $42 just in the t-zone to set.

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