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Get Sexy Red Lips That Match Your Complexion This Valentine’s Day

from our friends at Beauty Style Watch!

This Valentine’s Day get out your red lipstick and start swiping girls…Red is in.  So, why not wear it today!  Depending on your skin tone, there is the perfect shade of red just waiting for you…Check out these celebrity beauties caught wearing red.

 hottest young celebrities wearing red lipstick

Emma Stone

 We just love Emma and with her fair complexion, she can pull off a red with a bit of an orange undertone.

 top female pop singers

Singer Jennifer Hudson

 Pop singer Jennifer Hudson’s dark skin looks great in a red shade with purple/mauve undertones. 

top young female singers

Taylor Swift

 Another cream skinned beauty, Taylor Swift wearing red lipstick like Emma Stone with a deeper orange undertone.

 top 10 beautiful women in hollywood

Angelina Jolie

 And last but not least, our all time favorite beauty, Angelina Jolie wearing a red lipstick with purple undertones that match her slightly olive skin tone. 

You can find the right shade of red at your local drug store, walmart, k-mart, target, or beauty supply store.  If they have samples readily available make sure to test it on your hand to see if it matches your skin tone.  For olive or darker complexions make sure you buy red shades with purple/mauve bases.  Creamy white/fair complexions stick to orange based reds.


Happy V-day from the bsw beauty dept.

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