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Get your best beauty rest with LovaSilk


by Caroline Leavitt

I first heard about silk pillowcases on a website for curly hair. Silk, I was told, doesn’t ruffle the cuticles of your curls and can protect against split ends. I was thrilled to get a sample of a silk pillowcase from LovaSilk. These silky beautifies are naturally hypoallergenic and the smooth surface helps to reduce wrinkles, so you getting long-term benefits even as you snooze. This silk (100% mulberry) shimmers and shines and is so gorgeous, I stood around looking at the case and running the soft, supple fabric through my fingers, loving the feel of it, before I tried it out at night.

The case felt cooler against my skin, which I loved, and best of all, I noticed a difference in my hair as soon as I glanced in the mirror! My curls weren’t matted! The silk is machine washable, and it has an internal pocket to keep the pillow in place.

Sleep is 1/3 of our lives. I think we all should spend it sleeping on silk! Click here for more Lovasilk products.

And right now, you can use the code: Hellodollface for 10% off, including on sale items, good thru the end of the month!

 Caroline is a book reviewer for People Magazine, a freelance writer and best selling author. Read her newest novel, Pictures of You now. Click here for her blog!


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