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Vapour Organic Beauty

In a perfect world I would only eat organic foods and my hair would be long and natural and all cosmetics and skincare that I applied would be natural with no chemicals. I wonder if I could do it? Raw foods guru Mimi Kirk uses olive oil on her face in lieu of moisturizers and creams and she looks twenty years younger than she really is. I think there’s something to using/consuming  only natural products.

Vapour Organic Beauty products are  in a word, amazing. Their Clarity cleansing oil is nurturing and skin softening with pure ingredients made from  a variety of oils. Whenever someone asks me about cleansers, I direct them to cleansing oils which will not strip skin, instead skin is cleansed and left very hydrated, not greasy. Ideal for dry or aging skin. Even though my skin is oily, I want it to be soft so I love using this cleansing oil!

The Atmostphere Soft Focus foundation comes in a bottle with a pump. It contains little particles,  Light Reflective Technology, that give an instant radiance to skin as soon as its applied. And you don’t need much! A little dot on each cheek, nose and chin, then blend. The Atmosphere Luminous Foundation is in stick form, it also contains the light reflective technology and is  designed for dry and mature skin. Both foundations are ideal for those with sensitive skin, is not heavy, won’t settle into pores/ lines and both foundations offer medium to full coverage.

Want to highlight shoulders, arms, chest? Or give yourself a glow? Try Halo! Its a highlighter that will compliment all skin tones. Use anywhere you want to appear more luminous. I have a friend who swears by this- she loves how it gives her a “just came from the gym” kind of look.

 If you need extra coverage, Vapour has the  Illusionist concealer which covers dark spots, pimples, eye circles and any other imperfection you need to hide. When my friend had an sore on her lip, I gave her some concealer because I knew the ingredients wouldn’t irritate the cold sore or make it worse!

What I  love about Vapour is that nothing harmful is leaking into my skin when the products are applied. They are so natural and naturally derived, and skin is actually improved by wearing the products. Think of it as feeding your face.

Since I am such a lip gloss lover, I was anxious to try the Lip Plumping gloss. This contains pure plant ingredients and lips are gently plumped by “Hydrating botanicals and organic plumping liposomes.” The color is smooth and gives lips a beautiful shine, its easy to become addicted to applying the gloss! Lips feel enriched by the ingredients, the shine is terrific and your lips will be hydrated and moisturized.

I reach for the Elixir lip gloss all day long. It’s sitting on my bathroom counter and I apply it even if I’m just home and no one is going to see me. The natural shine is amazing, plus the color is subtle and flattering. I love the color called Twinkle, a sheer pink.

 The Siren lipstick comes in a variety of colors. When a lipstick  is natural and pure, I half expect it to be chalky and thick. Not so! These lipsticks glide on and the color is beautiful and rich. Look at the ingredients: Myrrh, Rose buds, healing Lemon Balm, antioxidant Pomegranate, soothing Jojoba oil and essential fatty acid rich Camilina oil. How can you not want to wear this?

Lastly, I tried the Mesmerize Eyeliner and yes! Its velvety and imparts rich, long lasting color. Its a pencil on one side and a little sponge to  blend on the other. I like to apply this close to my lash line then smudge. That’s my go-to look every day.

Do yourself a favor and begin to read up on ingredients and chemicals. You’ll see that by incorporating more organic and natural products into your beauty routine, you are actually improving on your overall health. Check out Vapour Organic Beauty here.

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