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Dancing with the Stars Hair Extensions

I was offered the chance to try the Dancing with the Stars hair pieces and I admit that I didn’t have high expectations for  clip- in hair extensions. I guess I thought they would be like Barbie doll hair and really obvious. Well, color me wrong! I LOVE them.

Finally I can wear my hair in a bun without it looking like an anorexic cinnamon roll on top of my head. My fave was the Glamarama pictured above. Its super easy to put in, just gather your hair into a bun and slide the clip in, immediately you have a decent sized bun that looks like a real hairstyle,  not like you are a lazy housewive who stuck a bobby pin in her thin hair!

There’s also the Bango Tango clip in bangs, ideal if you have long  bangs but want to cover your forehead or try a different style. The Flirtini gives you a long ponytail and I also clipped it in under my hair so for once in my life I could experience really long hair which I loved.

The hair itself is synthetic but its thick and you can curl it and style it just as you would regular, human hair. I encourage you to check out this collection and try for yourself. I always wondered how all celebrities seemed to have long beautiful hair- now I know, extensions!

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