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2011 Glamour Magazine’s Reel Moments

The other day I attended the 2011 Glamour Magazine Reel Moments luncheon held at the ultra cool and exclusive Soho House in Los Angeles. Whenever I get invited to an event like this, I have to pause and take a minute to be grateful. I was thrilled to be there.  Shaun Robinson moderated for the panel which featured Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith, a screenwriter known for films as Legally Blonde and House Bunny,  Chris Payne, the VP of Marketing for Clarisonic who sponsored Reel Moments, along with actresses Zoe Saldana, Eva Longoria and Olivia Wilde. The women talked about their experiences directing the Glamour Reel Moments short films.

Being an aspiring screenwriter, I take an interest in everything film-related. A staggering fact: only 7% of film directors are women! This topic was discussed by Zoe, Eva and Olivia. It seems like film making is a male dominated business and men (generally speaking) make movies that men want to see. This program set forth by Glamour gives actresses the opportunity to step up as a director and try out the process.

The films are taken from real life stories submitted by Glamour magazine readers. In my early teens, I went from getting kids magazines to subscribing to Glamour and have been reading it ever since. I’ll always think of Glamour as the magazine that introduced me to the world of beauty!

Back to the panel! The women answered questions and here’s a bit what they said:

Eva Longoria on directing her first film:  “Oh my god, it was so fun because I’m naturally bossy, in life… there is something so empowering about it. I love it [directing] because you have more creative control, as an actor you sit there and you just hope they edit you well, and you hope they use the best take, and you hope you look good.”

Zoe Saldana on why there is a lack of women in film: “Look at now, its like all about vampires, if women were cool, female topics were cool and they were making a lot of money, studios would be green lighting left and right.”

Olivia Wilde on the inspiration behind her Glamour Reel Moments film, Free Hugs: “I was very inspired, actually, by “Bridesmaids” in terms of a kind of tone of storytelling because I feel so often the stories about women are told in a very melodramatic way that kind of alienates the male audience, it makes people feel like ‘oh its a chick flick,’ it’s not going to be as biting or crass.”

The whole event was very empowering and meaningful. I felt encouraged by the women on the panel and I will continue to dream of the day when I will work in Hollywood. I encourage you to follow your dreams too.

Free Hugs, directed by Olivia Wilde

A Proper Send Off, directed by Eva Longoria

Kaylien, directed by Zoe Saldana

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