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Dreamy Skin With Tara Walker

By Caroline Leavitt

Want the skin of your dreams? Tara Walker’s Dream(r)  products are boosted with over 100 natural (and sometimes exotic) botanicals from around the world–and the formulations are all backed by science and two decades of research. What’s so great about these products is how they really nurture your skin naturally.
I have really sensitive skin and many products turn my smooth skin into a bumper crop of breakouts! That didn’t happen with the Dream line! I loved the Dream Cleansing Balm, which had a soft silky feel, and I followed it up with Radiance Enhancing Dream Cream which gave my skin a glow. The Perfecting Dream Cream was so easily absorbed and it made my skin feel soft and healthy. The Regenerating Dream Night Creme didn’t have the usual heavy feel of night creams, and best of all, when I woke up, my skin looked as refreshed as I felt after a good night’s sleep!  The Dream Eye Serum not only smelled fantastic, it had a barely there feel to it. The Rejuvenating Dream Serum + 100 (that’s the one packed with 100 botanicals)  contains rare, essential oils to give you younger looking skin (and who doesn’t want that?) You can buy it stand-alone, but it’s also an ingredient in the other products.

What I like so much about this line–is that their promises ARE no line. And beautiful, supple skin can be yours. Dream(r) on!

Caroline is a book reviewer for People Magazine, a freelance writer and best selling author. Read her newest novel, Pictures of You now. Click here for her blog!


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