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All your lipgloss needs, taken care of here!

First up in the Tint & Shine from Skinn by Dimitri James. One end is a stain and the other is a gloss which I really liked because this product has serious staying power!  I put the color  Ciao Bella to the test all day yesterday.

The tint was a bright pink, topped with the peachy pink gloss, the color clung to my lips for hours. The other shade I tested, Villa Rosa was offered a plummy tint and darker pink gloss. This one is definitely for night as it was more of a dramatic look on me. Girls with darker complexions can pull of both of these for day or night. What was kind of funny was that the plum tint of Villa Rosa looked really good on my cheeks!  

I liked both of these and if you are a tint-and-gloss kind of girl, Tint & Shine is worth your time to check out. 

Next up is Flirt! Big Flirt gloss which is sold at Kohls. You cannot help but notice the size of these large tubes, they are in fact, BIG! The doe-foot applicator is larger than life too, covering more space with each swipe!

These are high on shine, they also contain jojoba oil to soften lips. The Big Flirt glosses have a slight berry essence to them and smell so good! The colors are pretty sheer which I like for day to day. My faves of the bunch are Coral Me Fabulous and Big on Beige. If you like a sheer color that keeps lips moisturized, this is for you.


Last but not least are tubes of YBF lipgloss. YBF stands for Your Best Friend, by the way. These glosses, called Liplights, are super shiny and come in several colors, I tested three shades: Vivid Violet– which is a medium pink shade with sparkle, Crystal Crimson– a deeper pink, not sheer, its quite opaque, Glimmering Grape is really dark, a deep purple shade. These are quite pigmented for glosses but the beauty of them is that you can easily make them more sheer by using a small amount.

Each collection includes three different colors- here’s how its broken down:  pinks – crystal crimson, radiant raspberry & pearl pink. neutrals – rustic reflection, twilight tan & twinkle taupe. wines – vivid violet, glimmering grape & luminous lilac. These are perfect for women who like the feeling of a gloss but with lots of pigment.

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