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Bel Viso by Borghese & Jurlique

By Caroline Leavitt

Winter got you down? (It’s been snowing every day here just about!) Maybe you need some pampering.  I know seeing the 7-piece skincare set Bel Viso by Borghese sure perked up my spirits. Borghese is a name I know and love, because the products always make me feel like I have maids and personal servants attending to my every need and wish. 

Anyway, first there is the Esfoliante Delicato which gently cleanses your face.  Next is the Effecto Immediato Spa Soothing Tonic for Sensitive Skin, which leaves your skin soft and glowing.  I loved the Fluido Protecttivo Advanced Spa Life for Eyes which seemed to make those pesky little lines vanish. The CuraForte Moisture Intensifier firms things up and helps keep your skin moist and supple. Crema Straordinaria Da Giorno SPF 25 restores firmness and resiliency and Dolce Notte Re-Energizing Night Cream helps your skin regenerate and stay balanced, hydrated and glowingly healthy. I think my favorite product of all was the once a week Fango Active Mud For Face and Body, which detoxifies even as it tones.

This is just a super, super set of necessities that make you feel indulged. Give it to a best friend, or better yet, buy an extra set for yourself. 

Winter can leave you high and dry.  And dry is especially troublesome when it has to do with your skin. I have sensitive skin and my hands are almost always chapped, so I loved the Julique Rose Hand Cream.  Not only does it smell fabulous, it really kept my hands soft and supple. It contains vitamin E for antioxidant protection and Aloe Vera to calm irritation and soothe that tight, dry feeling skin can sometimes have. Plus, it’s Paraben free.

Julique’s adorable Love Balm is a tiny little circle of rescue for dry skin.  I pack into my purse (I’m not going anywhere without it.) It’s a gentle salve that moisturizes, softens and protects chapped skin.  Boosted with vitamin E and olive, soybean and safflower oil, it’s also got the delicious scent of tangerine oil. I slather it on my lips, elbows and hands. It’s a great little way to say bye to dry!