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Personal MicroDerm

For the past few years I’ve been lamenting over these wrinkles on my face.  Some women think of wrinkles as a passport, those lines in your face are earned! Badges of experience! I think if them as the tell tale signs that I’m quickly approaching middle age and I’ve gone from being called “Miss” to “Ma’am” and I don’t like it.

Besides that, I want nice skin. I drink water, stay out of the sun, sleep my 7-8 hours, don’t eat junk  food…and still, those wrinkles persist. While there are many things to do and products to use to keep wrinkles looking less apparent, nothing short of Botox, Juvaderm or Dysport (which I’d be up for but unfortunately, my husband is not) will completely rid you of lines.

You can imagine my excitement when I received a Personal MicroDerm.  I was anxious to jump in and whittle my skin down to a softer layer but first I watched the CD that comes with the product. I needed to learn how to properly  perform the microdermabrasion at home.

Its very easy. You hold it to your face, moving the tool around.  There is a bit of a suction as it adheres to your skin and a small exfoliating disc spins around to slough off dead skin. Its that easy! It is recommended that you apply a cell renewal or gentle skin resurfacing cream for maximum effect.

When I finish using the Personal Microderm, my skin is glowing. I love using it and want to do it every day although that is not recommended. My hope for this tool is that my skin is gently resurfaced, pores and wrinkles fade. I dont have many age spots but the Personal Microderm is known to help eliminate them. You can use this on the tops of hands to gently buff away spots.

This can be purchased though the site SkinCareRX. I read through the site and found about twenty products I want. They offer top notch skin care for every possible concern you might have.

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