From Barielle, Ultra Speed Dry and Restorative Nail Serum

Summer is when I paint my nails constantly. Sandals call for cute, painted toes and I am constantly removing paint and repainting! Because I am often running out the door, a speed drying topcoat is a must.

I’ve been using te Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender from Barielle. Not only does it dry my nails quickly but adds a shine and helps keep nails from chipping. I usually wait for the paint to dry for about 2 minutes,  apply a single coat of this to speed up the drying process. Then I can slip on my shoes and rush off to where ever I’m going- with dry nails.

Constant painting and polish remover wears my  nails down so the Restorative Nail Serum is a must. This product not only cleanses nails but strengthens them. Perfect- my nails often flake and chip in the summer so this product is a must have for me. When you apply it, it dries very quickly and nails are ready for polish. Since using this, my nails have not flaked or broken off. Highly recommended!

Head over to the Barielle website for more products and awesome nail colors. (check out the 60 Second Mani/Pedi, one of my all time favorite products to soften and moisturize hands!)

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