the UNII Palette at work!

  The UNII Palette is a nifty little case  in which you can store refills or pans of color. This sturdy product can safely store makeup instead of having several cases and pans of makeup all over the place. These also come in several great colors. I was impressed at how well made the cases are. Excellent craftsmanship which is important when something is going to hold your MAC or Stila!

Here’s how it works- pop out the makeup, whether it be blush, eye shadow or whatever else you need to store. Attach the pan/refill  to the magnetic strips then peel back the tape to secure into the palette. You can customize your makeup however you want. It’s also  useful to hold lipstick brushes or portable applicators for eyeshadow etc.

I love how these are so  travel friendly! I always bring a ton of products with me and my makeup bag is literally overflowing with eyeshadows- a color for my many moods! I  can minimize how many items I bring with- thanks to my UNII palette. For more information, please go here. You can also watch a tutorial on how to maximize your UNII  Palette.